University Ave Corridor Development and Design Plan

Over the next 6 months, the Village of Shorewood Hills will be developing the University Avenue Corridor Plan. The purpose of the plan will be to shape and guide the continued evolution of University Avenue over the next 10-20 years by identifying the type, mix, format, and intensity of desired and preferred land uses along the corridor. This will also include redevelopment planning of key sites, detailed development character recommendations, integration of community goals, and implementation strategies.

The Village will hold a series of public workshops to provide information and solicit feedback from the community. Community members are encouraged to attend these workshops as that will be the best opportunity for providing input into this important process. However, we will also be providing alternative means of providing feedback via an online survey directly following each workshop.

The public workshops are scheduled to be held in person at Village Hall from 6:00 pm-8:00 pm on March 15, May 11, and a to-be-determined date in July.

The Village will also be providing copies of fliers, news releases, and other relevant information on this website so please check back often for additional information.
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