Ad Hoc Sustainability Committee (DISBANDED)

[Note: This ad hoc committee was disbanded in 2020]

Shorewood Hills is a community that welcomes and embraces environmental sustainability. Over the years, Shorewood Hills has supported a number of environmental sustainability projects, such as installing rain gardens to reduce storm water runoff, participating in MGE’s renewable energy program, reducing salt use on roads, offering community gardens, and demonstrating our commitment to biological diversity by becoming a Tree City and Bird City community.

The Sustainability Committee was charged with making policy recommendations pertaining to environmental sustainability. The Committee also offered sustainability education to residents through public seminars and community events. For more details, see the memo attached below.

The Village Board adopted the Sustainability Plan after two years of work by the Committee. Thanks to Anne Readel, Mark Redsten, Anne Helsley-Marchbanks, Sarah Goldenberg, Matthew Silverman, Cara Coburn Faris, Fritz Grutzner, Eric Adelman, Ty Cashen, Nadeem Afghan, and Tracy Bailey for serving on the Committee.

With the Sustainability Committee's work done. Interested individuals have formed the Shorewood Hills Green Team to work with Village residents, businesses, and the local government to identify and implement practices and policies that increase the overall sustainability of the Village.

Sustainability Plan 2020-2025 (Approved 11/18/2019)

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