Stormwater Management

Erosion, Sediment and Water Runoff Control Ordinance

The types of activities regulated by existing county/state erosion control and post-construction stormwater standards typically do not take place in Shorewood Hills because the Village is fully-built and surrounded on all sides by Lake Mendota, the City of Madison and the University of Wisconsin. Specifically, county and state regulations typically apply only to the following:

  • Land disturbing activity covering an area equal to or exceeding 4,000 square feet.
  • Creation of 20,000 square feet or more of new impervious area.

In 2007, the Village adopted its own erosion control and stormwater ordinance. It is applied to the type of land disturbing development activities that commonly occur in the Village:

  • Land disturbing activities covering 500 square feet or more.
  • New impervious surface creation of 250 square feet or more.

The Village will use a tiered approach to stormwater and erosion control regulation. Under the ordinance, county and state standards apply to sites that meet the aforementioned state and county applicability criteria. Additionally, full erosion requirements apply to all land disturbing activities taking place less than 50 feet upslope from the lake. Further more, less stringent regulations apply to sites that involve 500 square feet or more of land disturbing activity and/or that result in the creation of 250 square feet or more of new impervious area. These less stringent regulations include creation and implementation of a simplified erosion control plan, attenuation of 20% of suspended solids in runoff, and infiltration of 90% of rooftop runoff, to the maxim extent feasible.

Many home remodeling projects that involve additions will fall under these regulations. Rain gardens, rain barrels, directing downspouts off of impervious areas are some of the ways to comply with the water runoff mitigation rules.

Contact the Village Hall at 608-267-2680 or with questions or to talk to the Zoning Administrator.

Link to: Ad Hoc Stormwater Committee (disbanded in 2022)

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