Ad hoc Social Justice Committee (DISBANDED)

[Note: This ad hoc committee was disbanded in 2022. The Social Justice Team will begin work in 2023 as an advisory group to the Village, rather than an official ad hoc committee]

Mission - The Ad Hoc Social Justice Committee’s mission is to:

  • Promote diversity, inclusion, equity and justice through a variety of mechanisms including book discussions, workshops, and community conversations.
  • Provide all members of the community with a supportive space and the tools to learn about, discuss and ask questions about issues and topics related to diversity and identity.
  • Facilitate communication between all members of our community through discussions of questions and issues and also through the search for a consensus when it comes to our community values and intentions.
  • Collaborate with Village Board members, staff, and committee members regarding the ongoing pursuit of evolving and growing an inclusive, diverse and just community.
  • Create accountability for the implementation of diversity and inclusivity goals.


The Ad Hoc Social Justice Committee shall be authorized at the direction of the Village Board for a two-year trial period, after which the Village Board will decide whether to extend the term of the Committee or make it a regular standing Village committee.


Going forward, the Social Justice Committee will meet on the second Monday of each month to develop action items it will recommend to the Board to implement. 

Committee Member


 Andi Funk, Interim Chair 7/20/20 (608) 658-3708 email
 Daniel Torres-Rangel 7/20/20 (650) 223-1310 email
 Jesse Dirkman 5/17/21   email
 Laura Berghahn 5/17/21   email
 Sage Weil 8/16/21 (951) 288-3411 email 


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