McKenna Park Master Plan Ad Hoc Committee

The ad hoc McKenna Park Master Plan Committee, with the guidance of Ayres Associates, will be developing a master plan for the McKenna Park area. To reflect the multi-faceted nature of the park, including natural areas, recreation and centuries of history, the Committee is comprised of Co-Chairs from the Recreation and Parks Committees, two additional members of the Recreation Committee, two from the Parks Committee, one from the Waterfront Committee, and one from the Services Committee.

Committee Member Appointment Date Phone Number Email
Dietmar Bassuner, Trustee 2024 608-347-2759 email
Carol Barford, Trustee 2024 608-239-1383 email
Joel Fields (Recreation) 2024 608-216-4694 email
Santhia Brandt (Recreation) 2024 608-334-7336 email
David Boutwell (Parks) 2024 212-203-7443 email
Kathie Brock (Parks) 2024 608-238-5050 email
John Voegeli (Waterfront) 2024 608-577-1165 email
Charlie Field (Services) 2024 608-233-5682 email


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