Licensing Chickens

The intent and purposes of this license is to regulate and restrict the keeping of chickens and to promote and protect the comfort, health, safety, and general welfare of the people.


Chicken shall mean the common domestic fowl of the subspecies Gallus gallus domesticus. This does not include other birds or domestic fowl such as ducks, geese, or turkeys.

Rooster shall mean a male chicken that is six months old or older.


  • No more than four chickens may be kept at any one time.
  • No roosters may be kept.
  • No chickens may be slaughtered on the premises.
  • Chicken coops must be either raised up off the ground or placed on a hard surface such as a concrete, patio block or gravel.
  • Chicken coops shall be cleaned of hen droppings, uneaten feed, feathers and other waste daily or as is necessary to ensure that the coop and yard do not become a health, odor or other nuisance.
  • The enclosure shall be at least 25 feet away from any residential structure on another lot; must be set back at least three feet from any side or rear yard; and prohibited from any front yard.
  • Full requirements can be found in the Village Code section 10-1-100(g)(6).

License Requirements:

  1. Complete Village's Permit to Keep Chickens application
  2. Provide evidence of current premises registration with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (see link below for information and DATCP application)
  3. Pay fee of $20 for a 3-years permit


Attached Document or FilePremises Registration for Chickens (Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection)
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