Property Taxes


The total amount due has NOT changed

There was an error on the original tax bills mailed on December 8. The total amount due was correct. The allocation of tax amounts to the Madison Metro School District and Madison College were transposed. Corrected tax bills have been mailed, they are on an off-white colored paper.

If you have already paid your taxes, no action is necessary.

When your new bill arrives, please discard the prior copy you have received. Please only submit ONE payment for the amount listed on the bottom remittance slip.

Tax bills are statutorily required to be mailed to property owners each year by the third Monday of December. The Village's policy is to mail tax bills to property owners, not lending institutions.

If you would like your property tax payments to be credited to the current year for income tax purposes, it must be received by the Village by midnight on December 31. Below are some helpful tips to ensure you make a timely payment:

  • Paying in-person – The Village Hall open hours are 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday-Thursday and 8:00 am to noon on Fridays. The Village Hall will be closed on Friday, December 29 in observance of the New Year's Eve Holiday. So, 4:00 pm on Thursday, December 28 is the deadline for in-person payments to be credited to 2023 (the Village Hall will also be closed on Monday & Tuesday, December 25 & 26 and Monday, January 1 in observance of the holidays).
  • Village ‘Drop Box’ – If you can’t make it into the office before closing time, you may leave your payment in the Village’s green ‘Drop Box’ in the Village Hall parking lot. The Drop Box will be emptied at midnight on December 31. Any payments made after midnight will NOT be timely and be credited to 2024.
  • Payment sent by U.S. Postal Service (USPS) – Payments postmarked on or before December 31, 2023 are considered timely and will be credited to 2023 even if they are received from USPS in the office after the first of the year.
  • Payment sent by FedEx, UPS or similar carrier – The Dane County Treasurer’s office does not accept any service date stamps besides U.S. Postal Service postmarked mail. Therefore, payments sent by FedEx, UPS, etc. must be in-hand at the Village Hall before closing on Thursday, December 28 to be considered timely.
  • Electronic Checks – If you arrange for your bank to send the Village an electronic check, please be aware that E-Checks often take 7-10 business days to be delivered. The E-Checks are typically sent by USPS and must be postmarked by December 31, 2023 to be considered timely.

  • Online payments – The Village accepts property tax payments online via our third party payment processor Payment Service Network (PSN). Online tax payments must also be received by December 31 to be considered timely and credited to 2023. To make a tax payment online go to: (convenience fees apply to all online transactions).

If you choose to pay your property tax in two installments, the first installment is due by January 31

  1. By January 31, make your tax payment to the Village (in a similar manner listed above).
    • If the Village Hall is closed, you may leave your payment in the Village’s green Drop Box in the parking lot before midnight on January 31.
    • Payments sent by mail should be postmarked on or before January 31 to be considered timely.
    • Electronic checks can take 7-10 days for the bank to process and mail. Be sure to request e-check payments in enough time such that it will be postmarked by January 31.
    • Payments sent by Fedex, UPS, etc. must be in-hand at the Village Hall before closing on January 31.
    • On-line payments can be made on-line at: but on-line transactions can take several days to clear. Please plan accordingly.
  2. By July 31, the second installment is due. After February 1, the Village no longer accepts property tax payments locally. Pay your second installment directly to the Dane County Treasurer. You will receive a second property tax bill in April if there is an outstanding balance. Send payments to:

Dane County Treasurer
City-County Building, Room 114
210 Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard
Madison, WI 53719

If you have questions about property taxes, please contact the Village Hall at 608-267-2680 or

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