Building Permits (NEW)

(October 17, 2023) Please Note: The Village of Shorewood Hills has contracted with General Engineering Company (GEC) to provide plan review, building permit and inspection services. Any new projects from this date forward should utilize GEC's permit forms (please dispose of any old Village of Shorewood Hills forms you may have on file).

The Village will continue to review zoning regulations for any new single-family homes, additions, and commercial/multi-family projects. A new Zoning Review form will be required for these types of projects in addition to the building permit.

Another change from previous practice is that all building trade permits (HVAC, electrical, and plumbing) must be submitted at the same time as the building permit. GEC utilized the UDC Building Permit for NEW single-family homes and its own General Building Permit form for everything else (additions, remodels, electrical services, plumbing, commercial projects, etc.).

As always, construction projects require a building permit and some may need zoning review. The necessary approvals from the Zoning Administrator and Building Inspector must be obtained BEFORE construction commences. The amount of time necessary for zoning approval could be ninety (90) days or more. Consult the Village's Zoning Code regulations related to floor area regulations, height limitations, site surveys, stormwater mitigation, zoning appeals, etc. Contact the Village Hall to discuss your construction project with the Zoning Administrator and/or schedule a pre-construction meeting.

New buildings and additions must comply with erosion, sediment and runoff control regulations.

Construction must also comply with the Village's Tree Ordinance. There are two informational documents at the bottom of the list below.

Focus on Energy New Home Program

Shorewood Hills Fee Schedule (revise 12/19/2023)

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