On-street Parking During the Winter

The Village does not have alternate side parking restrictions in the winter but you can help keep the roads clear. Village residents are asked to move their cars off of the road before (or as soon as possible after a snowfall), so that the Public Works Crew can properly plow the streets.


Past experience has shown that heavy snowfalls early in the season result in narrower roads as the winter progresses. If you can park in your driveway or even alternate which side of the street you park on after a snowfall, it will help the Crew clear the streets. Your efforts will also assist the transit of emergency vehicles when responding to emergency calls in the Village.


Please keep in mind that there is a 24 hour street storage limit in the Village. Your vehicle must be moved within 24 hours.



When circumstances warrant, a snow emergency may be declared. If such an emergency is noticed, vehicles will be ordered off of the roadway entirely. Notification will be posted on the Village website, send out on the Village’s Nixle® Alert System and provided to the local media.


Thank you for your assistance!

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