Grass Clippings

The Village Crew does NOT collect grass clippings. Residents are encouraged to compost grass clippings at home or leave them on your lawn as green fertilizer. Alternatively, residents may transport the clippings themselves to the grass clippings pile in Dudley Davis Park (more commonly known as the “rock quarry”). There are designated spots in the quarry for grass clippings, green vegetation and wood chips. If you transport material in a bag, you should empty the bag on the appropriate pile and reuse or dispose of the bag at home. The dumping of anything else in the quarry is PROHIBITED. Brush from tree trimming or removed invasive species like buckthorn should not be dumped in the quarry.

Village residents doing their own work are allowed to pile grass clippings / greens in the quarry and leave brush on the curbside for chipping. If you hire a contractor to do your yard work, then the contractor is responsible for hauling the material out of the Village.

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