Leaf Collection

The Village Crew starts picking leaves on the east side of the Village and works their way to the west hitting every street, then they start all over again. They can usually complete the leaf collection for the entire Village in a week, except during the peak season when it can take up to 10 days.

How should my leaves be piled at the curb? In long, thin rows (less than 4 feet wide) on the edge of the roadway but not in the road. Keep the piles at least 5 feet from obstructions like mailboxes, trees or telephone poles. See some examples of Good (and Bad) leaf pile placements to the right.

What material can be picked up by the leaf picker? "Leafy" material. Try to limit the amount of twigs and sticks in the leaf piles. Woody material won’t hurt the picker but sticks longer than a 15" or thicker than 1/2" can plug up the intake shoot.

When is the Leaf Picker in operation? In the spring after the snow has melted through the first week in May (give or take). And, in the fall the Crew begins to pick leaves in October and continues until the leaves are frozen to the ground or covered by snow.

Why haven't my leaves been picked up? There are a number of reasons the Crew may have "skipped" your leaf pile. They can't pick up leaves if the piles are blocked by parked cars or other obstacles. They only do one side of the street at a time. The leaf box might be full or the truck needs fuel. Or, the leaf picker may have broken down. Please be patient, they will get to your leaves as soon as possible.

Attached Document or FileLeaf Management 101 courtesy of Madison Area Municipal Stormwater Partnership (MAMSWaP)
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