Canoe / Kayak Share Program 2024

To give the Village of Shorewood Hills Community the opportunity for easy access to kayak and canoe use on Lake Mendota at a low cost. To have Village residents take advantage of Lake Mendota and its beauty, an assess to village living. To make the Village Marina facilities accessible to more Village residents than single family storage allows.

The Village currently has four (4) single kayaks, one (1) double kayak and two (2) canoes for use by Canoe/Kayak Share Program members. Paddles and lifejackets are also available.

If you have little kids, the double kayak is ideal for an adult/child pair. We have a kid-sized paddle and life jackets in a variety of sizes from toddler on up.

Adult Village residents are eligible for membership. That includes residents of the apartments in the Village, as is the case with all Village recreation programs. Guests may use the boats when accompanied by a Share Program member. Parents are fully responsible for children, and children under 18 years old cannot take out boats alone.

  • Reservations to use boats must be made by visiting or calling the Village Hall.
  • Keys to access the boats must be obtained from the Village Hall during regular office hours (Monday-Thursday from 8:00 am-4:00 pm, Friday from 8:00 am-12:00 pm).
  • Keys should be returned to the Village Hall immediately after use or put in the Official Drop Box in the Village Hall parking lot.
  • Read the full Terms & Conditions of the program.

Enjoy! The lake is beautiful in the summer. For any questions about using the canoes, kayaks or to request a personal introduction to the facilities, please contact Rick Chappell at

Canoe/Kayak Share Program Member Contract (2024)

Program members will be able to view the availability calendar on this website by clicking on the link below (the required password will be emailed once registration completed and fees paid):

User Calendar

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