Pool Committee

Members of the pool committee shall be appointed by the village president subject to confirmation by the village board. This committee shall consist of one trustee, four residents and two non-resident pool members. The pool committee shall elect a chair, subject to confirmation by the village board. The pool committee shall oversee and advise the village board on the operations of the pool and its various programs, related staffing and budget development and implementation issues, and capital improvement planning.

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Original Appt/
End of Term
Phone Number email
 Mark Lederer, Chair - Elected 608-284-7121 email
 Scott McKinney 2021 2027 608-695-7911 email
 Dana Hellgren 2021 2027 608-770-2216 email
 Karen Rebholz  2022  2025 608-628-1323 email
 Dietmar Bassuner 2023 2026 608-347-2759 email
 Kip Schick N-R 2015 2026 608-220-7550 email
 [ vacant ] N-R   2025      
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