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When is a permit required?

Please Note: As of October 17, 2023, the Village of Shorewood Hills has contracted with General Engineering Company (GEC) to provide plan review, building permit and inspection services.

The Village will continue to review zoning regulations for any new single-family homes, additions, and commercial/multi-family projects. A new Zoning Review form will be required for these types of projects in addition to the building permit.

Applications for Building Permits must be submitted for review by the Zoning Administrator and the Building Inspector BEFORE construction commences. The amount of time necessary for zoning approval could be ninety (90) days or more. Cost incurred by the Village for review or consultation on a project that require outside professional services will be billed to the property owner or developer.

The Village has a Good Neighbor Residential Construction Policy for demolition, new home construction and certain additions. This requirement must be met before construction begins.

Additional regulations related to Floor Area, Height Limitations and Lot Coverage may require require a Condition Use Permits or a Special Exception Permit. A minimum of ninety (90) days should be anticipated for these permits to be considered.

A Site Survey is required to be completed prior to lot grading, filling or demolition of an existing structure. The site survey is used to establish a baseline to apply the Floor Area and Height Limitations ordinance.

Almost any project that includes an exterior addition or alteration will be required to control the stormwater runoff from the site. The Village’s Erosion, Sediment and Runoff Ordinance lists the requirements.

OUTDOOR LIGHTING ORDINANCE (DARK SKY): The Dark Sky Ordinance is intended to protect neighbors and the Village from light pollution. Outdoor lighting fixtures must comply with specific shielding and wattage regulations.

If your home or property does not meet the present zoning code it may be considered a Non-Conforming Structure (numerous homes in the Village are non-conforming). Prior to remodeling you may need to present your building plans to the Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) for variance approval. The ZBA has a regular monthly meeting set for the second Monday of each month but only meets when needed. Plan ahead because due to public notification requirements, applications must be received 3-4 weeks before the next scheduled ZBA meeting.

It is important that you and your architects/contractors are aware of and in compliance with these regulations as your project develops. Contact the Village’s Zoning Administrator for additional information and/or to schedule a pre-construction meeting.

Village Zoning Code

Other Permits are required for work related to fences, signs, street use, and parking.

Contact the Village Hall at 608-267-2680 or for more information.

Village of Shorewood Hills Zoning Map

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