Blackhawk Lease Negotiations

The Village has been in negotiations with Blackhawk Country Club regarding an amended lease for the last nine months. Village residents will have the opportunity to vote on an advisory referendum at the April 7, 2015 Spring Election (a link to a sample ballot is below). A link to the final draft of the proposed lease is also below.

The work of the task force, progression of the lease drafts and other information leading up to the final draft of the lease can be viewed at: Blackhawk Lease Negotiating Task Force.

Letter to residents from Village President (regarding Blackhawk Lease Negotiations) - March 27, 2015

Attached Document or FileBlackhawk Presentation and Discussion Summary of public information presentation and subsequent discussion at December 15, 2014 Board Meeting)
Attached Document or FileFinal 2015 lease agreement (posted August 3, 2015)

Blackhawk Lease Negotiation Task Force (DISBANDED)

This task force was created to review, assess, recommend terms and possibly draft a new lease agreement with the Blackhawk Country Club.

Task Force
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Mark Sundquist 2012   238-1046 e-mail
Tim Rikkers 2012   467-8495 e-mail
John Imes 2012   442-8339 e-mail
Dave Ahmann 2012   233-3470 e-mail
Fred Wade 2012   231-2448 e-mail
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