eBills (paperless bills)

Do you want to go paperless? Sign up for eBills.

The Village uses Payment Service Network (PSN), a third-party payment provider, to manage our paperless utility bills.

To register your account for eBills on the PSN website, go to: www.paymentservicenetwork.com/login.asp?acc=RT18300. You will need your utility account number which is on you bill, or contact the Village Hall for the number. Once registered you can opt-out of a paper bill (get your monthly bill by e-mail). On the PSN website you can also see your bill or payment history (bills and history are available the day after you register and updated every night at midnight with the most current information). If you have multiple utility bills, you can link them together into one on-line account by going to the “Manage Profile” tab.

If you don’t want to use the ACH (automatic payment) option but want the convenience of making an electronic payment from your checking or credit card account, you can do that on the PSN website (convenience fees apply to on-line transactions).

We advise against using PSN’s ACH option because there is a fee involved. ACH offered through the Village is free to utility customers. To use the free ACH service, submit the yellow on-line ACH form with a cancelled check.

If you have any questions, contact the Village Hall at ckahl@shorewood-hills.org or 608-267-2680.

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