ACH (Electronic Payments)

All customers are encouraged to take advantage of the Village's electronic bill payment service which allows bills to be electronically paid from your checking account for FREE.

How does it work?

Complete the enrollment form below and return it to the Village Hall with a voided check. We will continue to mail your monthly bill for you to review the previous payment and the current payment amount (unless you want to go paperless and sign up for eBills).

When will my bill be paid?

On the due date shown on your monthly bill (the 20th of the month or the closest business day to the due date), the amount due will automatically be deducted from the checking account you provided.

How do I stop or change checking/savings account?

You can cancel this option at any time in writing. Termination requests may be e-mailed to If you would like to change payment account information, you will need to submit a new form.

PSN (Payment Service Network) option for autopay.

The Village's online payment processor PSN has an option for automatic payments as well. But, PSN's service costs $1.10/month while the Village's ACH service is FREE. PSN has more options for payment types, in addition to a checking account (credit card, PayPal).

Attached Document or FileElectronic Payments Form (sign up for ACH or change banking information)
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