Parks & Natural Areas

The Village owned parks, which include both recreational and natural areas, contribute to the character of the Village of Shorewood Hills. Almost all of the parks are natural areas or have at least some portions that are natural. These natural areas are mostly made up of deciduous (in many parks predominantly oak) woodland. In many of the parks, wildflowers, usually spring ephemerals, cover the ground, contributing to the natural diversity present in mixed hardwood forests and embodying the beauty of spring in Wisconsin.

A variety of other plants and shrubs provide wildlife with food and cover. The Shorewood Hills parks support a diverse group of birds and other wildlife species. This animal diversity is increased by the Village's proximity to Lake Mendota and the adjoining 300-acre University of Wisconsin-Madison Lakeshore Nature Preserve.

The northern edge of the Village of Shorewood Hills is the shore of Lake Mendota. Three of the parks and the Blackhawk Country Club border Lake Mendota, giving residents views and access to the Lake. Most of the nine parks managed by the Village are relatively small, covering about 21 acres, and scattered throughout our local area.  Many of the parks connect with adjoining private wooded lots, making the parks and yards seem larger. In summary, the parks significantly add to the forested character of the Village of Shorewood Hills.

Please enjoy our local parks responsibly and help keep them clean!

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