Four Corners

Four Corners Park was planned as the crown jewel of John McKenna's Shorewood development. Located at the junction of two major streets, with direct access to the Blackhawk Country Club, it was the most visible park in the plat. The location was part of a large tract of woods on the lower part of Blackhawk hill that had never been logged.

When this park was first platted in September 1922 as Out lot B, it was considerably larger (3.67 acres). In March 1925, McKenna replatted the land to add seven lots on Viburnam and two lots on Blackhawk, considerably reducing the size of the park. One assumes that McKenna decided that this land was too valuable to give away.

Originally, an elegant Greco-Roman "pergola" was built there, which was featured in promotional advertisements and newspaper articles. According to the Capital Times, "Blackhawk 'Parkway' with its charming pergola is like a view of Old Athens." This pergola succumbed to rot in the late 1950s and was replaced by a more serviceable structure. The concrete base of the pergola, somewhat altered, still exists.

Four Corners Park is now predominantly used as a small-children play area. In the summer, the Four Corners Pre-School Recreation Program uses the area every morning. Because of its central location, Four Corners is an ideal place for such activities. This Park was considerably reworked in the summer of 1998. New playground equipment was installed, and much of the shrubby brush that had grown up through the years was removed.

- Shorewood Hills: An Illustrated History
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