Koval Woods

Koval Woods, a 1.85 acre oak woodland natural area, was dedicated in 2001 to Charles Koval, the long time Village of Shorewood Hills forester. Koval Woods is an unlogged extension of the 28 acre Eagle Heights Woods (a part of the University of Wisconsin Campus Natural Areas) and is separated only by the houses on Wood Lane. The larger adjoining woodland has enabled Koval Woods to support a much wider range of animal life, including area sensitive woodland birds. Due to its lack of disturbance, Koval Woods supports a diverse set of woodland plants, including wildflowers and shrubs. Koval Woods, unlike many of the natural areas in the village, has few non-native invasive species. However, garlic mustard does occur near yard refuse dumps.

Unfortunately, Koval Woods is affected by destructive tree diseases. In 2000, an oak wilt cluster developed in Eagle Heights Woods and spread into the area. By the fall of 2002, three infected trees had to be removed from Koval Woods. Soil trenching was also done to avoid further spread of the fungus, and adjoining park trees were injected with fungicide. In 2003, several new trees were planted to replace the lost oaks.

Today, Koval Woods is one of the best kept natural areas in Shorewood Hills. The forestry and parks department is continually working to rid the area of oak wilt fungus and invasive species. There are a number of walking trails that allow park visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the forest. The Village forester asks residents to use the area for more passive enjoyment, rather than a recreational area. This effort will help keep native plants established in Koval Woods.

-Village of Shorewood Hills Parks and Open Space Plan
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