Bradley Park

The Harold C. Bradley Park is an area used primarily as a skiing and sledding hill. The hill itself was a separate parcel of land, consisting of two undeveloped lots that were too steep to build on. Harold Bradley and his sons built a small ski jump on this property shortly after the Bradleys moved to the village. In 1937, Bradley replaced this jump with a more substantial structure after the Village purchased (for $1,300) the hill lots. Upon purchase, the Village Board rezoned the two lots from residential to recreational.

During the period when Harold Bradley lived in the Village, ski jumping tournaments were held regularly. The more daring Village children participated, and it was considered a badge of honor to have gone off the ski jump, even once. According to George Shands, many times after the jumping was over, Bradley organized cross-country ski events. There was a route that went up through the Eagle Heights woods following the bridle path trails.

In recognition of Dr. Bradley's long service to recreation in the Village and because of his generous donation of the ski jump, the park was named Harold C. Bradley Park in 1949. The ski jump remained in use for many years. It was removed after it had fallen into disuse and disrepair in the early 1980s.

- Shorewood Hills: An Illustrated History
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