Board of Review

The Board of Review shall be composed of five village residents. Each member's term of office shall be five years.  The duties and powers of the Board of Review shall be as prescribed in Wis. Stats. §70.46 and §70.47.  In accordance with Wis. Stats. §70.47(3)(b) the Village Board shall by resolution exercise its right to designate hours for the annual Board of Review proceedings other than those set forth in Wis. Stats. §70.47(3)(a).  Wisconsin State Statutes.

Original Appt/
End of Term
 Doug Rahn, Chair 2010 2025
 Joyce Bromley 2006 2026
 Susan Kiernan 2022 2027
 David Brown 2013 2028
 Mark Lederer 2020 2027
 Julie Fitzgerald, Clerk (alternate) - - - ex-officio
 Christina Kahl, Deputy Clerk (alternate) - - - ex-officio

* Board members whose terms expire continue to serve at the will of the committee/board until they are reappointed or replaced.

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