MedDrop - The Best Place to Get Rid of Medicines

Leftover and expired prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines can be found in every household in the county. Last year unintentional poisonings killed more Dane County residents than automobile crashes. Misuse or abuse of prescription, over-the-counter or illicit drugs are the major cause. Pain medication when misused, can be especially fatal.

The Village has a MedDrop Box in the lobby of the Village Hall. It is accessible during regular open hours (Mon-Thu, 8-4 and Fri, 8-12).

  • Shorewood Hills Village Hall - 810 Shorewood Blvd.

Other MedDrop Drop Box Locations Near Shorewood Hills:

  • Fitchburg Police Department - 5520 Lacy Road
  • Madison Police East Precinct - 809 South Thompson Drive
  • Madison Police West District - 1710 McKenna Blvd.
  • Middleton Police Department - 7341 Donna Drive
  • Waunakee Police Department - 205 N. Klein Drive

How to use MedDrop

To dispose of medications in the MedDrop drop boxes, please bring your unused or expired medication and a ziplock or other resealable bag to the MedDrop police department.  Empty contents of pill bottles into a zip lock bag and recycle your pill bottles.  Leave liquids, gels or creams in their original containers and place them in a ziplock bag as well.  Put sealed ziplock bags into the MedDrop drop box.

Items that can not be disposed of at MedDrop drop boxes include:  IV Bags; Oxygen Tanks; Nebulizer Machines; Thermometers; Sharps; EPI-pens; or anything with a needle or lance.

For more information on MedDrop go to:

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