Invasive Plants

How can you help stop the spread?

"Wisconsin faces an onslaught of invasive species from other regions and countries. These non-native plants, animals and pathogens displace native species, disrupt ecosystems, and harm recreational activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking. They also damage commercial, agricultural, and aqua cultural resources.

Because they lack the predators and competitors they faced in their homelands, invasive species can spread rapidly and aggressively. Controlling invasive species is difficult, and getting rid of them is often impossible. People play a major role in spreading invasive species, and can also help keep them from spreading. We can save our favorite places if we all do our part!"

- Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Currently, the Village forester, summer employees, and volunteer groups help reduce invasive species. It is critical to maintaining the integrity of our Village Parks and Natural Areas. Please remove the following invasive plants from your property, or call the village forester for assistance.

For instruction on how to remove these plants click the links below:
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