Property Information

The Village contracts with Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. for property tax assessment and records management. For assessment or property questions contact them at 920-749-1995 or
Individual property information for Shorewood Hills is available on Associated's website at: Much of the same information can be found on Dane County's Access Dane website.

Open Book

Each year, the assessor holds an ‘Open Book’ session at the Village Hall where you can meet individually with one of the appraisers from Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.

Board of Review

The Board of Review meets annually. If after the Open Book session you wish to object to the assessment, you may file a "Form of Objection" and schedule an appointment before the local Board of Review. The Board of Review functions like a court in that it is required to evaluate evidence based on fact. You must provide factual information showing your property is incorrectly assessed.

Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. 

Village Hall
810 Shorewood Blvd
Madison, WI  53705
608-266-5929 (fax)
8:00 am-5:00 pm / M-F
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