How can I make a donation to the Fireworks Fund?

Q: How to make a contribution?

A: The annual fireworks display is shot by the volunteers of the Shorewood Hills EMS & Fire Department Association in conjunction with the Village of Shorewood Hills and Blackhawk Country Club. A great deal of volunteer time and effort goes into this event, but there are significant costs associated with the purchase of the fireworks and security for the golf course.

This year's display will cost about $12,000 for the fireworks alone. Each year the EMS & Fire Department Association attempts to cover as much of this cost as possible through donations to the fireworks fund. We do this by soliciting contributions from those in attendance at the display and by asking Village residents to consider making a contribution to the fund. Last year we were able to cover a majority of the cost of the show through donations!

Fireworks enthusiasts can sponsor a shell or set of shells by making a donation of $25 or more prior to the show. This qualifies you as a "Fireworks Fan-atic" and we will send you to a copy of the fireworks "program" (a sequenced list of the fireworks show that we use ourselves) with the particular shell or shells highlighted that will be "your" part of the program. Some of the shells you could sponsor include:

  • $25 - set of three 3" shells like ‘Silver Crackling Stars’
  • $50 - set of four 4" shells like 'Green & Lemon Strobes'
  • $100 - gets you four 5" 'Lemon Umbrellas’
  • $200 - gets you the noisy 'Rising Fish & Whistles’ that begin the finale

Donations can be made any time to:

SHFD Fireworks Fund
810 Shorewood Boulevard
Madison, WI 53705-2115

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