Waterfront Committee

Members of the Waterfront Committee shall be appointed by the village president; subject to confirmation by the village board. This committee shall consist of six residents and one non-resident marina user. The Waterfront Committee shall elect a chair, subject to confirmation by the Village Board.

The Waterfront Committee shall: review and advise the Village Board on matters relating to beach and water activities at McKenna Park and the Shorewood Hills Marina, budget and fee issues, and improvements planning.

Original Appt/
End of Term
Phone Number e-mail
 John Voegeli, Chair 2002 2025 608-577-1165 e-mail
 Erik West 2017 2027 608-335-3094 e-mail
 Shabnam Lotfi, Trustee 2022 Elected 267-773-7750 e-mail
 Dan Danbeck 2005 2025 608-231-2489 e-mail
 Anne Mork 2021 2027 608-215-3653  e-mail
 Jonathan Garland 2021 2026 203-606-6372 e-mail
 Dan Rogge N-R 2012 2026 608-467-3099 e-mail
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