Parks Committee

The Village Parks Committee shall: review the maintenance and improvement of parks and other land owned by the village, plantings, replacement plantings, trimming of trees and other vegetation, and the protection of vegetation, and landscaping improvements for the beautification of the village.  The parks committee shall also aid in the screening of candidates for positions such as horticulturist and parks manager and the assistant to the horticulturist.  The committee shall also review the activities of the village forester and horticulturist and advise residents on the care of trees, plants, and plant disease.

Original Appt/
End of Term
Phone Number e-mail
 Carol Barford, Chair - Elected 608-239-1383 email
 Roma Lenehan 2001 2025 608-238-5406 email
 Nancy Heiden 2000 2027 608-233-4506 email
 Kathie Brock 1999 2026 608-238-5050 email
 David Boutwell 2014 2026 212-203-7443 email
 Jeremy Rogers 2019 2025 520-404-9968 email
 Jan Tymorek 2022 2027 608-239-7576 email
 Adam Lohrmann, Forester - Ex-officio 608-267-2680 email
 Mary Janet Wellensiek, Garden Club Liaison   Ex-officio    
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