Licensing Dogs, Cats & Chickens

All dogs and cats in the Village must be licensed annually. The Village also allows the keeping of chickens with a 3-year license. To obtain a license, please bring your veterinarian's rabies vaccination record for each pet (Village Staff MUST SEE a copy of the vaccination record) to the Village Hall.

Pet licenses can be obtained in-person at the Village Hall or you can use the Pet Licensing Form to submit your request to the Village (be sure to include the pet(s) vaccination record(s) and a self addressed stamped envelope).

The deadline to obtain licenses is April 1. After that date, there is a $10.00 penalty. REMEMBER, license should be obtained before the deadline even if your dog or cat is not yet due for the rabies vaccination.


Please note that the State has increase dog license fees this year

• Neutered or spayed = $25.00
• Not neutered or spayed = $30.00
• Puppy (neutered or spayed) = $25.00
• Puppy (not neutered or spayed) = $30.00
• Late Fee (after April 1) = $10.00

A dog is considered a puppy if it is less than 5 months old as of July 1.


• Neutered or spayed = $10.00
• Not neutered or spayed = $15.00
• Late Fee (after April 1) = $10.00

Do NOT purchase your license from your veterinarian (that is a City of Madison program). If a pet is lost or running at large in the Village, it is much easier to locate the owner(s) when the records are at the Village Hall. Also, the Village receives credit from Dane County for licenses only if your pet’s records are on file at the Village Hall.

** Failure to license your pet could result in a fine **


For information on keeping chickens in the Village go to: Licensing Chickens

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