Ad hoc Stormwater Committee (DISBANDED)

[Note: This ad hoc committee was disbanded in 2022]

Stormwater Management Information

Mission:  To learn about the causes and extent of the August 20, 2018, flash flood that impacted over 80 Village homes, numerous Village businesses, many Village assets and the railroad, and to recommend actionable steps the Village could take to prevent the extent of any future such flash flood events. To offer public input sessions, perhaps at the start of its work and then towards the end of its work when its draft recommendations to the Village Board are being finalized. The goal for the Committee will be to make two reports to the Village Board: a status report and any initial recommendations by no later than May 1, 2019, followed by a final report and final recommendations by no later than November 1, 2019. The term of this Committee will be one year, subject to potential extension by the Board.

Committee Member


 Dave Benforado, Chair 10/15/18 608-238-7121 email
 Gloria Beach 10/15/18 608-293-3108 email
 Carolyn Benforado 10/15/18 608-238-7121 email
 Mark Mandel 10/15/18   email
 Eric Riedner 10/15/18 608-630-1972 email
 Brauna Hartzell  2/15/21 608-238-2227 email
 Dietmar Bassuner  2/15/21 608-347-2759 email



Agendas & Minutes 




July 14, 2021 Presentation on University Avenue Reconstruction Project

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