Welcome to the Village of Shorewood Hills! Congratulations on your excellent choice of a community in which to live.

The Village is a full-service municipality. Police, Public Works, Water/Sewer Utilities, and Administration are all provided by the Village. Shorewood Hills contracts with the City of Madison for our Fire Protection and Emergency Medical Service. You can expect to receive a very high level of personalized service, over and beyond what you have probably experienced elsewhere. In addition, we provide services efficiently, as indicated by Shorewood Hills’ tax rate which is one of the lowest in Dane County.

The Village depends upon volunteers and resident involvement in community affairs.

There are significant bonds in place between residents and our local government that make this a special community. You can make a real difference here and your voice will be heard, but it is also a place where civic responsibility is desired and taken seriously. Please be sure to complete and submit the important contact and interest information form below and use the attached “To Do” list to get you started as a resident of Shorewood Hills.
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