Shorewood Hills Pool

In 1969, the Village purchased the eight-acre farm of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Post. The property, located just east of Swarthmore Court and north of University Avenue, was developed as a park and Community Center for Village residents. Part of this development was the construction of an Olympic sized 50-meter swimming pool. Since its opening in 1971, the pool has been an integral part of the Village recreation program.

In 1996-97, the pool was substantially remodeled and enlarged. Its mechanical systems were replaced, new gutters installed, a new wading pool and concession stand were built. In 2010, a modern surface was installed. The seamless PVC surface is much smoother than the traditional concrete and plaster and it has reduced the amount of seasonal maintenance needed. A bike path south of the Pool was completed in 2014. This improvement has improve safety of pedestrians, bikers and drivers in the neighborhood.

Family, two-person, and single pool memberships are available to all Village residents at a modest annual fee. Residents over age 62 are admitted at reduced rates. Membership information is available at the Village Hall and on the Pool’s website: Among the activities provided at the pool each summer are swimming and diving instruction for all ages and abilities, swimming and diving team participation (including daily practice and competition with other Madison area teams), water ballet, water aerobics, water basketball, master’s swimming, and, of course, recreational and lap swimming.

The pool membership is comprised of about 2,400 resident and non-resident members. The pool has welcomed non-resident members since its opening. Non-residents are well represented with three of nine seats on the Village’s Pool Committee.

In addition, the pool is leased for off-hour swim practice by the Badger Aquatic Club (BAC). The availability of the Shorewood Hills Pool (the only outdoor 50 meter facility in Madison) has been a key factor in the success of the swim team and the promotion of competitive swimming in Madison (many members of BAC are also members of the Shorewood Hills pool).

Overall, the swimming pool has proven to be one of the most popular and heavily-used facilities in the Village.

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