McKenna Park Boathouse

The Boathouse is located in McKenna Park and is used for indoor boat storage. The Boathouse is at the end of a maintenance road which starts near the intersection of Edgehill Drive and Edgehill Parkway. On-street parking is available on Edgehill Parkway near Edgehill Drive.

There is a covered pavilion on top of the Boathouse which is great for a picnic or sitting area with a beautiful view of Lake Mendota. Significant improvements to the rack storage in 2004 greatly increased the number of canoes, dinghies and skulls that can be stored in the Boathouse.

A pedestrian path to the Boathouse begins on Lake Mendota Drive, just east of the Rustic Bridge.

Swimming is allowed, but the beach is not maintained as a swimming area and lifeguards are not present.

The maintenance road is reserved for authorized vehicles only. Parking near the pavilion is prohibited.

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