Plan Commission

The Plan Commission shall consist of the Village president who shall be its presiding officer, one trustee, and five citizens. The trustee shall be appointed in accordance with Wis. Stats. §62.23(1)(b). The citizen members shall be appointed in accordance with Wis. Stats. §62.23(1)(c).

Four members shall constitute a quorum. Unless otherwise provided by law, all actions taken shall require the affirmative approval of a majority of all commission members.

Meetings may be called only by the village president. The village administrator shall give notice of meetings called by the commission.

The powers and duties of the Plan Commission shall be as prescribed in the Wisconsin Statutes including §62.23 and Chapter 236 and in chapter 10 of this code.

Commission Member Original Appt/
End of Term
Phone Number e-mail
 John Imes, Chair - Elected 608-712-7898 email
 Mark Lederer, Trustee 2024 2027 608-284-7121 email
 Earl Munson 2007 2025 608-238-5764 email
 James Etmanczyk 1988 2026 608-233-6221 email
 Tessa Martin 2022 2027 608-443-9178 email
 Craig Weinhold 2023 2025 608-576-0854 email
 Cara Coburn Faris 2023 2026 608-217-5374 email


University Ave Corridor Development and Design Plan

2021 Comprehensive Plan Update (new) / 2009 Comprehensive Plan

Neighborhood Plans (Doctors Park; Pyare Square/Walnut Grove Area; Garden Homes)

Tax Increment Districts (TID) 

Attached Document or FileChapter 10 (Zoning Code)
Attached Document or FileGood Neighbor Residential Building Policy (requirement for demolition, new home construction and certain additions)

Public Hearing Notice

Public hearing scheduled for Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 7:00 pm.

Conditional Use Permit for the new D2 Addition at the UW Hospital & Clinics.

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