New B-Cycle Station

The Village recently contracted with B-Cycle to install an eight-station electric bike facility by the Public Works building near the corner of Shorewood Blvd and Topping Rd.

B-Cycle is a company that provides electric bicycles that individuals can pay to use. This effort started last year, after a resident, who wished to remain an anonymous donor, approached the Village offering to fund the installation cost and half of the first five years of the maintenance contract for a B-Cycle station in the Village. After reviewing and discussing different locations with B-Cycle staff, the current location was selected as the most appropriate for the station.

The remaining costs for the five-year contract are being covered by generous donations from UW Health and Chas Martin of Sprinkman Real Estate. The Village is also offering advertisement space on the two sets of two bikes to help offset future costs of maintaining and growing this program in the Village.

This effort, funded without taxpayer dollars, is in line with the Village’s efforts on environmental sustainability. The bikes are even charged by a solar-powered battery!

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