2024-25 Village Telephone Directory Information

Dear Shorewood Hills Residents & Businesses,

The Shorewood Hills Community League is once again coordinating production of the Village Telephone Directory, a helpful resource for all things related to life in our village, including resident contact information, business listings and important Village departmental policies and procedures. The Directory is also an important fundraiser that helps support the League’s community events throughout the year.

Please help us keep the Directory up-to-date by completing the ‘Information Update & Order’ form and returning it to Village Hall by March 18, 2024. Please update/submit your contact information even if you don’t plan on ordering a Directory. Your household information may also be submitted online by filling out the Quickform information below.


Are you a resident that owns a local business? Please consider advertising in the Village Directory. Your Shorewood Hills neighbors would love to support your business! Various options for your ad size and price points are available – email shcleague@gmail.com for more information.

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