Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

Dane County is subject to natural hazards that threaten life and health and cause extensive property damage. Dane County has received Federal disaster declarations on 15 occasions since 1976. That equates to a frequency of a natural disaster declaration nearly every three years. In addition, almost every year, there are significant weather events that cause major damages for which Federal disaster assistance is not granted.

Most people who live or work in Shorewood Hills have been affected by natural hazards in one way or another (i.e. August 2018 Urban Flash Flood). Shorewood Hills and its residents are vulnerable to a variety of hazards including extreme temperatures, severe winter weather, tornadoes, and floods. Natural hazards have caused injury and loss of life, severe property damage, interruption of the delivery of vital goods and services, disruption of local economies, and harm to the natural environment throughout Dane County.

In response to these concerns, Dane County Executive Joe Parisi has directed the Department of Emergency Management to update the County’s plan to minimize future losses resulting from natural hazards. Shorewood Hills has a planning team has been meeting to gathering information and summarizing the concerns of local officials and citizens for our local portion of the County plan.

Updated Hazard Mitigation Strategy

The plan outlines a strategy with specific programs and policies that can be implemented by Shorewood Hills to reduce the impact of natural hazards on people, structures, and the natural environment. Our draft mitigation strategies are listed below for your review and comment.

2022 Dane County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

The current plan that we will be updating is online at

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