Shorewood Hills Garden Club

Founded in 1936. New members are always welcome. Please contact the Garden Club President if interested.

Purpose: "To encourage and foster the activity of gardening among all ages; to promote civic beautification within the Village; to aid in protecting native wild flowers & birds; and to otherwise nurture our environment."

President: Kate Weinstock (
Past President: Lynn Johnson
Vice President: Erica Moeser
Secretary: Annette Mahler
Treasurer: Lynn Johnson
Village Triangles: Hannah Pinkerton
Plant/Mulch Sale: Diane Dempsey
Parks Committee Liaison: Mary Janet Wellensiek

Programs & Activities: 

  • The Garden Club maintains over 20 public gardens at traffic triangles throughout the Village, as well as several other public areas, including the pollinator garden at Post Farm and the gardens at the swimming pool building entrance.
  • Programs, garden walks/tours, local field trips and social events are scheduled throughout the year.
  • Meeting times vary to accommodate the entire membership.
  • Fundraisers include the Spring mulch and plant sale, Election Day bake sales and fresh cranberry sales. Proceeds are used to beautify the Village and to support Garden Club programs.
  • Annual dues are collected from members.
  • Donations from Village residents are always welcome.
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