Ad hoc Disaster Preparedness Committee (DISBANDED)

[Note: This ad hoc committee ended its work in 2019. Development of EOPs has been taken over by Village Staff]

 Committee Member



 __________, Chair      
 Charles Field 10/15/18 608-233-5682  e-mail
 Katie Petykowski 11/5/18 608-358-4941  e-mail
 Jim Richards 10/15/18 608-772-6964  e-mail
 Jerry Stein 10/15/18 608-238-9149  e-mail
 Aaron Chapin, Police Chief Staff 608-267-2680  e-mail
 David Sykes, Deputy Clerk Staff 608-267-1110  e-mail


Committee's Mission Statement: Develop an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) for the Village of Shorewood Hills (VoSH) to effectively coordinate and direct available resources to protect the public and property from hazards and threats.

EOP Mission: Provide a comprehensive emergency management program in response to the effects of hazards / threats and seek to mitigate the effects of any hazards, prepare for measures to be taken to preserve life and minimize damage, and establish a recovery system to return the community to its normal state f affairs as soon as possible. 

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